Make a Difference: By Dragging One Donkey Up Hill At A Time

Last night I was faced with a dilemma that many of us are forced into almost everyday, however this one proved to be very public. On our way home from a father’s day party my family and I were traveling on the highway when we passed a donkey running the opposite direction down the hill. My first thought was “that is pretty funny but lets go home.” Unfortunately, I let that little thing called caring or try to make a difference take hold.

This is usually a hard concept for me however, I am reading a book about my favorite restaurant, Chick-Fil-A.  Their legendary service always left an impression on me, so I jumped out of the car and started chasing the donkey down the road.  We can all change our attitudes right!!  I mean how many times do we get the chance to chase a donkey down the highway!!  So make a difference and act.

Next thing I know I am pulling the donkey up the hill by holding its mane and nose while my wife laughed.  As I looked up there were about five cars waiting however a lady stopped in the opposite lane and threw me a lead rope. I am pretty sure that only happens when you live in the county but what a good Samaritan. I appreciated the help greatly.  After that I got it back up the hill and off the road.

Finally, my wife left two screaming babies in the car (parked in a co-workers driveway so don’t worry) and proceeded to run behind the donkey.  If only she would stop forgetting her I-Phone, we would have a picture. Go Team Virgin!!

Make a difference – Small Business Application

Later that night while lying in bed, I got to thinking how I can relate dragging this donkey up the road to running a small business and generally being a better person. It all goes back to having integrity by doing the right thing even when no one is watching. So many times in business and in life we can rationalize passing up doing the right thing, to make a difference, because technically it is not your problem.

Deep down I knew that I had to fix this problem because it was a risk to drivers plus I had a pretty good idea that the donkey belonged to my dad.  Although he is adamant that he only owns burros, as if there is a difference.  Believe me, we all struggle with realizing and putting these ideals into practice.  I try to maintain the idea that I always need to do the right thing for my family, neighbors, and customers even if it is inconvenient to me.

The cool thing is you don’t have to make headlines or seek to be praised to make a difference.  Just concentrate on doing your best work even when it is hard.  I just pray that I will always have the strength to make a difference and do what is right.


What can we do in our small businesses to make a difference?

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