Accounting For Screen Printers & Sign Makers

Solving Cash Flow & Accounting Problems for Screen Printers & Sign Makers

[lead]Screen Printers and Sign Makers have a special set of business problems that cause business owners sleepless nights and anxiety. Accounting is not the most exciting business activity however it is essential to make your business efficient and profitable. Below are several great ways to solve fairly common problems across your industry.[/lead]

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  • Cloud based software allows access to your accounting information ANYWHERE you have Internet access in real time.
  • Use Quickbooks Online or Xero to integrate with screen printing software like shopVox.
  • Automatic daily bank feeds allow you to reconcile your accounts on your schedule without wasting time downloading and uploading your statements.
  • Remote Bookkeeping System and Processes is create for charting and organizing the day-to-day bills, expenses, payables, receivables and any miscellaneous financials in your shop.

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  • Cash is King. The most important aspect of business is the management of cash flow when paying vendors and working out terms with customers. Tracking cash will show the business owner where their money is actually going.
  • Proper monthly financial statements are essential when applying for loans or lines of credit to enhance business cash flow and growth.
  • Proper monthly financial statements helps you keep the pulse of your business and determine important aspects like pricing, daily operating rates, profit margins, and impression costs. In addition, taxes will become merely a compliance activity not an excruciating experience.
  • Cash vs. Accural Accounting. Cash Accounting is the easier of the two. It can be deceiving though because it does not give you a good picture of your cash flow. Accrual accounting will give you better numbers for your business at specific times over the course of the year.

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  • Use cloud software to integrate and tie in your systems to give you information to price competitively and maintain good profit margins.
  • Build systems to develop trigger points for business decisions such as when to hire an employee or purchase a piece of equipment.
  • Systems will help you identify actual problems and determine how to fix the issues.
  • Use cloud software like and Hubdoc to manage accounts payable or accounts receivable efficiently.


[lead]Our CPA firm is veteran owned and deliberately small because we specialize in small town values with a personal touch accessible anywhere through cloud software. With that said we have clients across the United States in addition to several international clients. I am passionate about providing quality accounting and financial services just as you are passionate about your business excellence. Our goal is to partner with you to help save money and become more efficient so you can concentrate on what makes you great. I want to help solve this dilemma so that you can focus on results and take your business to the next level. [/lead]

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