Crush the Triangle of Triple Constraints

Triangle of Triple Constraints

When performing a service, the provider is often times caught in a quandary between price, time, and quality.  The Triple Constraint Theory of Project Management states that one is given the options of Fast, Quality and Cheap, and told to pick any two.

The triangle of triple constraints reflects the fact that the three properties of a service are interrelated and it is not possible to optimize all three.  One option will always suffer. This dilemma is no different in operating a small business because the owner can’t be everything to everybody.  So the question becomes how you can manage this issue.

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Make a Difference: By Dragging One Donkey Up Hill At A Time

Last night I was faced with a dilemma that many of us are forced into almost everyday, however this one proved to be very public. On our way home from a father’s day party my family and I were traveling on the highway when we passed a donkey running the opposite direction down the hill. My first thought was “that is pretty funny but lets go home.” Unfortunately, I let that little thing called caring or try to make a difference take hold. Continue reading

Setting Goals – Turn Brain Crack into Pure Awesomeness

Setting goals may seem easy but sometimes we fail to realize the goals.  I come from a family of dreamers with varying degrees of idealism but this has instilled in me that I can achieve whatever I put my efforts toward as long as I work hard. This may seem like a bold statement because obviously it is not true to the extent that I will ever be talented enough to play a professional sport nor will I ever receive a Nobel Prize.  Although curling may be an option since I am handy with a broom! Continue reading

Jimmy Johns’ Inspired Epicness

Jimmy Johns gave me a blast from the past.  I recently resigned from my job and for my last meal I wanted to visit a restaurant that I have been craving since I graduated college in 2004. When we arrived I felt like I was back at The Ohio State University in the early 2000s, making a choice between ramon noodles and a Jimmy Johns sub, while listening to an O.A.R. CD.  However the reality was that I am 31 years old now, we car-pooled to Huntington (West Virginia) in order to save gas, and we could not stay long because someone had a meeting after lunch.  Even with all of that boringness, Jimmy Johns delivered just like I dreamed it would and additional people were introduced to Jimmy Johns’ glory. Continue reading

Why Intentional CFO Blog?

Why Intentional CFO Blog? Let’s face it accounting is not the sexiest thing and can really hold a small business owner back. Frankly, I am sick of standing by and watching small businesses fail and dreams crushed over poor financial decisions. This blog hopes to give small business owners, entrepreneurs, and side business operators the information they need to survive. Most people want to see their business succeed and grow but don’t want to hire a CPA or a financial advisor. Continue reading